Tanum´s  Antique and Flea-market

On the Westcoast of Sweden, just between Gothenburg and Oslo in the most beautiful part of Sweden, the Bestcoast, you can find Tanum´s Fleamarket.We are to be found in the centre of a vast touristarea surrounded by the Archipelogo and ancient rock carvings. Here prehistoric times and present times meet in a perfect union,with Tanum´s Flea-market as the nave of the wheel of times.

Our second-hand market supplies a deepley-felt want which cannot be provided for in an ordinary shop.Here you can find the object and warmth which are closest to you, but  which you did not realize you were in want of. You come her to dream ,hunt,remember,make bargains,and meet nice people. Your primary need  will be satisfied at Tanum´s Flea-market

We buy and sell  everything which might be in demand.Here you can find objects for tourists,  residents, collectors, those intererested in  antiques and design, the DIY,the young and old. You can find furniture, china ware, cutlery, ornaments and pieses in rural style. At Tanums Flea-Market you can find virtually everything. You will be astonished.

After having visited us you will be ready to burst from the desire to tell your friends about us. We are unique and arouse feelings with everyone.You will find our place rustic, familjar, cordial, jumbled, and agreeable- a meeting-place, where you can buy for mere song or spend a lot of money. We are biggest in the trade and have a obliging and competent staff. You are and will always feel welcome and you will always do a good piece of business at......

Tanum´s Flea-Market 
Manager,VD: Eva-Lisa Hansson

Tanums Loppis
Stationsvägen 26
457 91   Tanumshede

+46525 - 207 43
+4670 - 77 36 107

+46525 - 207 43

info@tanumsloppis.nu or click here to send mail from our site.